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To Students

We guide students with appropriate foreign institutions & courses, maximize their potential in gaining to build a promising higher education and careers. We are also providing consulting solution for all students & interns joining overseas educational Institutions.

To Institutions

we assist in recruiting prospective genuine students for various academic departments and conduct seminars, advising sessions and 'spot admission' service within major cities of Nepal.


When making a decision to chose a professional organisation or team to help you in your mission, whether be it, study overseas, migration, sponsoring overseas workers or business related matters, it is important you consider many aspects to ensure you are making the right decision and your workload would be taken away by the professionals to make your journey a hassle free. If these people you chose are of diverse backgrounds, local and international experience, highest level of professionalism and integrity and they understand the relevant laws and regulations back to front, it makes your life easier.

Here at 4Nations, we give greater emphasize in client satisfaction. We provide professional help throughout the process until your goal is achieved, not leaving your journey half way through. Everyone at 4Nations is well qualified, experienced and most importantly have the right attitude to help our clients. We put your interests at first. Therefore, majority of our customers who we have helped in the past have referred their friends, families and relatives for education, migration and visa help.

  • We Are Professional!
  • We Value Client Satisfaction
  • We Are Here To Stay!
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