Sydney Team

Mr. Man Khatri

Managing Director, Registered Migration Agent, MARN 063 9036 MMIA, Migration Law (UTS) MBA, B.Tech.

Mr.William E Diez

Immigration Consultant, Registered Migration Agent 0958792 BLJS (MA) Graduate Diploma of Law, Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice

Laura Vizza

Registered Migration Agent, MARN: 1382818 | Grad Cert Migration Law

Ms Louise Bartok

Registered Migration Agent

Thien (Tim) Pham

Migration Lawyer

Sunita Katwal

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor - PIER

Komal Raj Pathak

Business Development Manager - PIERMBA, B.Com, QEAC No.J416

Ramesh K C

Business Operation Manager

Anh Nguyen

Marketing Officer, B.Com.